Monday, October 15, 2012

It's that orange, and yellow, and red time of the year again...

And I couldn't be more excited. We are about two weeks into October and Denver is so irresistibly autumnal. One of my favorite places lately has been City park. I recently ventured there with the little girl I nanny, and we had a close encounter of the bird kind. Those geese and seagulls got a little too close for comfort...

I have been looking through some old pictures from this time last year and I realized that I had four, FOUR different Halloween costumes: White Swan, Lumberjack, Lois Lane, and Minnie mouse... geez.

This year will only be better! We are having a Halloween party on the 27th, which will be really great. I am so exited to bake autumn treats and decorate spookily... Woo!

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